Chesapeake Diver Ducks

Experience one of the most legendary and historical hunts on the east coast in the Chesapeake Bay on the Marylands Eastern Shore. The Chesapeake Bay is historically known to be the largest wintering grounds for the diver duck species. What makes the Chesapeake Bay so unique is the number of different species that commune in the bay every winter. The ‘King of the Chesapeake’ aka the ‘Canvasback’ is the most famously known duck to tread the waters. A typical day of hunting entails a chance for Canvasback, Redheads, Lesser/Greater Scaup, Bufflehead, Ruddy, and Golden Eye. When traveling to Chesapeake Bay for a duck hunt our recommendation is to take advantage of our All-Inclusive duck packages which include food, lodging, and three days of hunting. During these three days we can tailor this hunt to your groups specifications for species or style of hunting. 

Boat Blind Hunts
1/2 day with lodging – $400 per gun per day
Full day with lodging – $500 per gun per day
*3 gun minimum*

Duck Package
3 day all inclusive $1,950 per gun
Sea duck, diver ducks, or puddle ducks
Boat blinds or layout blinds
Food and Lodging included
Hunting from sunrise to noon
*3 gun minimum*